IMVU: Crediit Generators and Hacks Do Not Work

Download here:

do not be fooled by these scams observe the channels that advertise these things:

1. they only have at least 5 videos all of which are about the same thing

2. most have disabled rating on the video so persons wont know if its good or bad

3. most have disabled commenting so that no one can see others feed back on the product.

4. majority of the products need you to do surveys before you get them…if there ever was one…indicating the only reason is to get money.

5. most make fake accounts to like and give positive feed back so that the person is more compelled to try using the product.

6. i have never heard of anyone actually gaining massive amounts of credits through any of these things not only for imvu but other on-line server based clients that allows you to purchase in-game credit.

the amount of credit you have is not kept within the client (the program you download) but is kept within the server so the value of it is not changeable from the client but through the server itself which Im sure its next to impossible to hack using a cheat engine based generator.

go to a certified hack site and ask the devs or admins if hacking an online game to get credited without using real money is easy or even possible. You will NOT find any legit hacks that deals with that sort of thing for any on line game.

the only ways to gain credit fast without paying real money is through imvus surveys or free credit page.

Buy credits and support imvus developers…it takes alot of money to keep a server running 24-7 with

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